The Loyalty Group was established in 1996. The mission was to help small business compete with big business by designing a Customer Loyalty Program for independent retailers.  The goal was to create a points based Customer Loyalty Program that could generate higher turnover for retailers, suit independent businesses and compete with the likes of Fly Buys.

1996 – In the beginning
We began with a stamp card where cardholders would cross off ‘stars’ each time they made a purchase. After crossing off 50 ‘stars’ they were eligible for a reward.
We introduced our first Major Prize Draw. Cardholders entered into the draw to win cars and holidays each time they made a purchase. We gave away our first $1000 holiday and Hyundai Excel at Bulleen Shopping Plaza in Melbourne.

1998 – Introduced Electronic “Lucky Buys Reward” program
After 18 months and over 10 shopping centres on our Client list, we phased out the stamp program and introduced the electronic Customer Loyalty Program. This included plastic swipe cards and EFTPOS Terminals. The Electronic version of the Lucky Buys Reward Program was born.

1999- 2006 – Expansion
Having advertised on Channel 9 TV and 3AW Radio, The Lucky Buys Reward program grew, expanding into country Victoria.  By 2006 the Lucky Buys Reward program was in every state in Australia, when we established clients in Western Australia.

2008 – 10 Year Celebration
We celebrated our 10 year anniversary of the Lucky Buys Reward program. In these 10 years we have introduced many services to the program including; Database management, Performance reporting, Direct mail service, SMS and Email marketing and co-branded loyalty programs.

We have had over 1500 businesses in Australia use the program, over 850,000 cardholders with over 4,000 joining our programs each month.  We have given away over 30 Cars and over 200 holiday packages through our Major Prize Draw.
The most satisfying aspect of the Lucky Buys Reward Programs is businesses using their program to its potential thus increasing their turnover proving that our customer loyalty programs do work.