1. Each applicant (”Member”), by signing and submitting this application form to TLG, or by using the membership card agrees to be bound by these Lucky Buys Rewards membership terms and conditions. TLG means The Loyalty Group Pty Ltd (CAN 074 986 646), operators of the Lucky Buys Reward program, and the “Lucky Buys Reward program” means those arrangements by which a member collects points by purchasing qualifying goods and services from participating retailers and thereby qualify from rewards. Participating retailers means those retailers from time to time participating in the Lucky Buys Reward program by supplying goods and services in respect of which points will be credited

2. Information relating to the Member and provided to TLG will be dealt with in accordance with the Lucky Buys Rewards Information Privacy Policy in order to respect the Member’s right to privacy protection. The Luck Buys Reward Information Privacy Policy can be viewed on the Internet web site at www.theloyaltygroup.com.au. A copy will be provided on request by ringing 1300 765 656 or by writing to “The Manager” PO Box 3184, Nunawading Victoria 3131.

3. The Member acknowledges that under the Lucky Buys Reward program:

Reward points eligible for redemption can only be redeemed from the relevant venue where those points were collected or issued. The relevant participating retailer is solely responsible for the provision or payment of the reward upon redemption of points and TLG accepts no liability for the payment of rewards.

  • Members may redeem points upon attaining the required number of 50 points and can redeem points only in multiples of 50. Further rewards may be offered in redemption of points at levels greater then 50 points as determined from time to time by the participating retailer and may vary from retailer to retailer.
  • When a member elects to donate reward points to any Lucky Buys community based in operation from time to time, those points will be deducted from the Member’s points balance account.
  • Points will be credited on purchase of qualifying goods and services at a rate to be determined from time to time and may vary from retailer to retailer.
  • Rewards will be in the form of a discount, gift or gift voucher, and of a character, nature and value to be determined by the participating retailer and may vary from retailer to retailer and from time to time. Rewards are not redeemable for cash, and can only be claimed at the relevant retailer.
  • TLG may in it’s absolute discretion terminate a Member’s participation, cancel or bring forward the expiry date or any points, make changes to the terms and conditions, and suspend or terminate to Lucky Buys Reward program.
  • A participating retailer may at any time cancel or bring forward the expiry date or any points relevant to that retailer or may suspend or terminate it’s participation in the Lucky Buys Reward program.

4. Lucky Buys Rewards Members must always present their Lucky Buys Rewards Card before making any transaction and any points collected will not be validated for a further 24 hours. The Lucky Buys Rewards Card and points are not transferable and any redemption of points will not be available until after the 24 hour validation period.

5. TLG shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any failure of equipment or delay in crediting points relating to any particular transaction to the Lucky Buys Member.

6. No conditions or warranties except those implied and which cannot be excluded by law are given by TLG in respect of the award of points and any goods or services supplied upon redemption of points. Where it is lawful and practical to do so, the liability of the relevant venue for breach of a condition or warranty shall be limited to the re-supply of Lucky Buys Rewards points.