Staff Prize Draw Winners…


 Date Name State Store
August Jackie QLD P. Comino & Son
July Tara QLD Healthpoint Chemist Group
June Jen VIC Let’s Celebrate Parties
May Dee VIC Surf Coast Quality Meats
April Bonita VIC Sinclair Meats
March Joyce QLD Porters
February Naomi VIC Four Cousins
January Erin QLD True Blue Camping


Date Name State Store
December Ebony WA Everett Butchers
November Holli QLD Michael’s
October Karen NSW Mudgee Bakery & Cafe
September Adele VIC Coburg Health Shop
August Maddie QLD Holus Boulas
July Clarence QLD Meat You Here
June Robyn/Sue NSW Moto parts on the move
May Carac Staff VIC Carac
April Shane VIC CWB Meats
March Jakarra QLD The Fruit Factory
February Nikki QLD Sugar City Marine
January Rhiannon VIC Australian Butchers Store


Date Name State Store
December Felicity VIC Bay Road Nursery
November Kate QLD The Stores West End
October Chris QLD Pearces Meat Barn
September Shaye TAS West Park Plants Plus
August Jackie QLD P. Comino & Sons
July Chris QLD Barrow Lane Butchers